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ORDA legally registered as local NGO in Ethiopian relief and rehabilitation commission 1991 and in 1999 by the federal Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Accordingly to the new Charities and Societies Legislation; it is re-registered by MOJ Charities and Societies Agency as Ethiopian Residents Charity under license number 0607.

Before the downfall of the Derg regime, in 1991, it collected considerable cash and drug   from donors and distributed it in terms of liquid money so that they can buy some food from the nearby market and eat. The reason behind this liquid money distribution was the peace situation and inaccessibility of the area. On the other side, the organization was doing its job using committed and small groups of personnel due to lack of banking system in the intervention areas.

After the downfall of the Derg regime in 1991, the internal situation was stable and enabling for NGOs to operate. ERO then extended its relief and agricultural rehabilitation portfolio to include repatriation of Ethiopian returnees from the Sudan and resettlement of internally displaced people. Since 1993, it embarked on development interventions and implemented integrated food security and rural development projects in Ebinat, Belessa, Sekota and Metema woredas. However, it was not guided by a strategic plan until 1997. ORDA undertook the first five-year strategic plan (1997-2003) during the second General Assembly held in April 1997 in Bahir Dar, and it was during this general assembly that the name ERO changed to ORDA.


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