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The Ministry of Water and Energy which has been established with the mission to improve the overall welfare of our society through developing and managing the water and energy resources equitably, sustainably, and in an integrated manner. Water supply and sanitation, integrated water resource management and renewable energy development are major duties in which the Ministry is in charge of discharging.

Water resource is vital for water supply, energy generation, irrigation development, industry, tourism and beyond. Proper management, development and utilization of the water resources have regional prominence. It can play a pivotal role in facilitating regional development and economic integration with neighboring countries.

Hence, The Ministry is emphasizing on promoting capacity building, technological advancement and innovation that can uplift our capacity to develop, manage and utilize water resources. Besides, ensuring the participation of private companies in the sector has been given due emphasis.

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Orginazation:Ministry of Water  and Energy

Job Posted on November 20,2022

Deadline:December 2,2022

Required Fields:Accounting, Economics, water supply Engineering, Electro-Mechanical engineering, Social work, sociology, Project management, Finance management, Logistics, Management, Supplies management and office Administration


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