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Awash Bank Call for Written Exam
Dear Candidates,

Thank you for your interest to join Awash Bank for the vacancy posted on July 17,2022 .This is 5th to 8th round of Customer Service Officer I/Direct Sales Representative position to be invited for written exam. It is recalled that candidates scored CGPA of 3.5 and above were invited and tested in 1st to 4th rounds.
In these 5th to 8th rounds,
1.Graduates of 2021 & 2022 with CGPA from 2.5 -3.49.
2. Age 27 years and below
3. Banking & Finance, Accounting & Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Public Administration & Development Management, International Trade & Investment Management, Cooperative Business Management & MIS fields have been invited.
4. Distance graduates are not considered.
5. Test date from Thursday,13 October 2022 to Saturday, 15 October 2022 at Addis Ababa Ras Hotel, Oromo Cultural Center & Catholic Cathedral School respectively.
Note also that, this is the last invitation and no further round is available for this vacancy announcement.
N.B:-candidates are strictly advised to have their ID card/passport when they appear for the name exam

5th_Round_Customer_Service_Officer_I_Direct_Sales_Representative-1 6th_Round_Customer_Service_Officer_I_Direct_Sales_Representative-1-1 7th_Round_Customer_Service_Officer_I_Direct_Sales_Representative 8th_Round_Customer_Service_Officer_I_Direct_Sales_Representative


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